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Am I Not a Human (3): The Suffering of the Palestinian Child under the Israeli Occupation

  • Palestinian-Child-enEnglish Title: The Suffering of the Palestinian Child under the Israeli Occupation Prepared by: Ahmed el-Helah and Mariam Itani Translated by: Iman Itani Published in: 2010 (1st Edition) Physical details: 96 pages, 17*21 cm, paperback  

    This book is about the various dimensions of the suffering of the Palestinian children under the Israeli occupation.

    They are deprived from most of their rights; a dignified living, good health, safe environment, education, shelter and good nutrition.

    Israeli aggression is ruining the children’s families and friends, its missiles and bulldozers have been destroying their homes and their schools.

    Above all, they might find themselves as targets for the occupation’s fire; hence, they get killed, injured and detained.

    All of this happens at a time while we think that the world has become civilized and no cruel colonization could ever still exist.

    This series is a rich interactive documentation of the Palestinian suffering under the Israeli occupation. It focuses on the Israeli violations of the Palestinians' basic human rights. This series is also distinguished with academic, well documented, comprehensive, concise, and graphically-supported, It is published (& ongoing publication) in both Arabic and English Languages.

  • Al-Zaytouna Center for Studies and Consultations