Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations in Beirut issued a report under the title “The Palestine Daily Chronicle.” It is a monthly Arabic report that addresses the most prominent events related to the Palestine issue, and is considered a documentary of important Palestinian historical and political events and decisions.

What distinguishes this report is that it deals with important events, decisions and stances that express the nature of a phase or reflect the changes in political tracks; specifically, the stances of powers active on the Palestinian, Israeli, Arab, Islamic, and international levels. The reported events are carefully chosen by the editorial team who looks into dozens of daily and periodic sources.

The report puts forth information and statistics of significance, related to both the Palestinian and the Israeli sides, and all matters pertinent to the conflict with the Israeli occupation, on the Arab, Islamic and international levels. The information includes various aspects of Palestinian political, economic, cultural, social and educational performance, Jerusalem, the performance of the resistance, the internal situation… and others. The report also covers matters related to Israel economically, socially, security-wise and militarily, as well as matters related to settlement building, Judaization programs, attacks on holy sites, and the peace process.

“The Palestine Daily Chronicle” is considered one of the most important periodicals issued by al-Zaytouna Centre, which adopts an accurate mechanism in choosing the news according to its importance and its role in shaping the map of events and developments related to the Palestine issue.

The importance of the report lies in its contribution to the enrichment of the Arab library as a reference that serves researchers and those interested in Palestine studies, as well as universities, research centers and institutions of studies.

It should be noted that “The Palestine Daily Chronicle” is prepared by the Information and Archives Department in al-Zaytouna Centre, and prepared and edited by Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh, Rabi‘ al-Danan and Wa’el Wehbe.

The report is published on a monthly basis on al-Zaytouna’s website, and volumes of it are published on an annual basis. For free download see The Palestine Daily Chronicle (Arabic)

The Palestine Daily Chronicle