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The Civil Campaign for Celebrating al-Quds Capital of the Arab Culture 2009 announces

1- al-Quds award for academic research;
2- al-Quds award in Literature.

Contest Rules:

1- With regard to academic research: eligible studies are those focusing on the city of al-Quds in any of the following fields: Humanities, social sciences, theology and religion studies, architecture and urbanism, and economics. Studies should adhere to research methodology and academic documentation styles. The presented research should provide a significant contribution to the field of studies about Jerusalem.
2- With regard to literature: eligible categories are: poetry collections, novel, and critical studies that deal with the Palestinian issue, especially, Jerusalem.
3- Unpublished works are encouraged to apply for the contest; published works are also accepted provided that its publication date is not prior to 2006.
4- The length of the presented works should at least be 30 000 words, except for the poetry collections.
5- Works that have received other awards are not eligible.
6- Participants are required to fill the electronic application form and present one hard copy and two electronic copies (Word and PDF format) along with a short resume. Participants who cannot submit hard copies (as in the case of Palestinians living in the occupied territories) are exempted from sending the hard copies.
7- Works should be submitted by 15 August 2009.
8- Submitted academic studies will be peer reviewed under the supervision of al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, while works of literature will be peer reviewed under the supervision of Palestine Institution for Culture. Committees of specialists and scholars will choose the winning works. Results will be announced in November 2009.
9- The first winner will receive $10000, while the second winner will receive $3000, and the third winner will receive $2000.
10-  Objections on supervising committee decisions are denied; and all submissions, regardless of them winning or no, will not be returned.
11- The Award Committee has the right to publish the winning works that have not been previously published.

For more information please contact:

For Academic research and studies:
Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations

P. O. Box: 5034/14
Beirut – Lebanon

[email protected]

For Literature:
Palestine Institution for Culture

P. O. Box: 13029
Damascus – Syria
[email protected]