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Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations held on 22/7/2010, a panel discussion entitled “Freedom Flotilla and Breaking the Siege: Implications and Possibilities,” where a select of distinguished researchers and experts in the Palestine issue participated.

The participants discussed what is being said about easing the siege instead of breaking it, and the reason for the success of the Israelis changing reactions every time there is popular pressure or an attempt to break the siege, where afterwards, it would increase the siege further. The participants wondered about the reasons the international community is dealing with the siege as a normal action, although it contradicts all morals and values. As for the media role, it was explored as a way to face the siege.

Concerning the Freedom Flotilla, they noted that despite of the severity of the incident, the Israeli committee that would investigate what happened will lack seriousness, because it is not within the authority of the committee to investigate the Israeli army.

As for the international community, panelists considered the matter a strategic political one, where the siege is imposed on Hamas, thus they concluded that the political channel is the most suitable one to discuss both the siege and the Freedom Flotilla incident. This is especially since the Freedom Flotilla attempt to break the siege is viewed as an attempt to make a strategic shift in the region. Some participants also analyzed the Flotilla incident as an attempt to put an end to the Turkish role in Palestinian affairs, deter activists breaking the siege and stop the ship campaigns.

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 22/7/2010