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The Palestinian Strategic Report is a highly academic annual report that assesses the Palestinian situation. It rigorously studies the developments of various aspects of the Palestinian issue, i.e., internal political affairs, economic development, demographic indicators, the Arab, Islamic and international stands and the Israeli attitudes and policies, all within an academic, well-documented context that is supported with the most recent statistical data.

This report is the product of a massive team-work exerted by a group of affiliated researchers and specialists; editors, and consultants. It is published both in Arabic and English.

This is the first volume of the PSR series. Edited by Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh and Dr. Basheer Nafi‘, the PSR reviews the various developments concerning the Palestine question in 2005, in a comprehensive, objective and academic manner. It offers a wealth of data, up-to-date statistics, and analyzes and offers an outlook of future events.

The 282-page report is a comprehensive, objective and academic report prepared by 8 experts and specialists in the Palestinian issue. It presents scientific material in an objective and analytical framework, while seeking to foresee future developments in the internal Palestinian scene, the Palestinian-Israeli scene and the Palestinian demographic, economic and education indicators. It also focuses on the Arab, Islamic, and international stances towards the Palestinian issue.

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Publication Information

– Title: Al-Taqrir al-’Istratiji al-Filastini li Sanat 2005 (The Palestinian Strategic Report for the Year 2005)
– Editor(s): Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh and Dr. Basheer Nafi‘
– Published in: May 2006 (1st Edition)
– Physical details: 282 pages, 17*24 cm
– Price: $12 (paperback); and $14 (hardcover)


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