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This book is the fifth among the series of Am I not a Human. It is about the various massacres committed by the Israeli occupation, since its early days (i.e. even before 1948).

Massacres, are not necessarily identified by a high number of victims; massacres are, as considered in this book, the intentional killing of a considerable number of human beings, under circumstances of atrocity or cruelty, or contrary to the usages of civilized people.

Accordingly, the book proceeds with presenting 16 of the most significant massacres of the Palestinians by the Israeli occupation. Each of these massacres is presented with relevant documentation, and pictures when available.

The book also includes a section on the legal aspects of massacring, war crimes, and genocide in the international law, how the latter deals with it, and the applicability of this in the Israeli-Palestinian case.

The English translation of this book is expected by 2010.

This series is a rich interactive documentation of the Palestinian suffering under the Israeli occupation. It focuses on the Israeli violations of the Palestinians’ basic human rights. This series is also distinguished with academic, well documented, comprehensive, concise, and graphically-supported, It is published (& ongoing publication) in both Arabic and English Languages.



Title: ‘Al-Majazer al-Israeliyya bi-haqq al-Sha’ab al-Filastiny (The Israeli Massacres of the Palestinian People)

Prepared by: Yasser Ali

Edited by: Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh & Mariam Itani

Published in: 2009 (1st Edition)

Physical details: 112 pages, 17*21 cm, paperback

Price: 4 $