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The Palestinian Documents were first published by al-Zaytouna Centre in 2006. Then it was a selective accumulation of the most significant documents of the developments of the year 2005 within the Palestinian scene (114 documents). In 2008, the Palestinian Documents of 2006 was more in-shape, with selected and edited 322 documents, and more than 800 pages. Similarly, in 2009, the Palestinian Documents of 2007 were 354 meticulously selected documents, in an 892-pages volume.

Publication Info
Title: al-Watha’iq al-Filastiniyyah li Sanat 2007 (Palestinian Documents for the Year 2007)
Editor(s): Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh and Wael Sa‘ad
Number of Documents Included: 354
Published in: 2009 (1st Edition)
Physical details: 892 pages, 17*24 cm, hardcover

 Price: 20$



 The documents include significant statements, declarations, interviews with some Palestinian, Israeli, Arab, or International figures on the Palestinian issue developments, selected meeting minutes, official decrees, and even some edited noteworthy news pieces.

The documents are arranged chronologically, but nonetheless are selected from reliable sources, and reflecting as much as possible and available the various positions and aspects of the numerous parties involved in this complex issue.