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This book discusses the demographic, legal, educational and social conditions of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. It also discusses the prospects of peace projects regarding the Palestinian refugees. Additionally, one of its chapters is dedicated to explaining the Nahr al-Bared refugees camp tragedy in summer 2007. In its chapters, the book reveals the suffering of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, who are deprived from many of their civil rights.

Publication Info

Title: Awda‘ al-Laji’in al-Filastiniyin fi Lubnan (Conditions of the Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon)
Author(s): Many
Edited by:  Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh
Published in: 2012 (2 nd edition)
Physical details: 207pages, 17*24 cm.

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This is an academic well documented study, supported by updated facts and figures till 2012.