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This is a distinguished PhD thesis that was passed by the Faculty of Law in the Lebanese University. It discusses the legal perspective of the rights of Palestinian refugees in international laws and institutions, and explains how the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations dealt with these rights. The book demonstrates that the Palestinian right of return is inalienable, and that a just settlement could not be reached by any means if the Palestinians were deprived of their right of self determination. The study is rich with its scientifically documented content, its statistics, comparisons and analysis. This reference is a must for every library or researcher interested in the Palestinian issue. 

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Title: Huquq al-Laji’in al-Filastiniyin: Bayna al-Shar‘iyah al-Duwaliyah wa al-Mufawadat al-Filastiniyah al-Israeliyah (The Rights of Palestinian Refugees: Between International Legitimacy and the Palestinian-Israeli Negotiations)
Author:  Najwa Hassawi
Published in: February 2008 (1st edition)
Physical details: 538 pages, 17*24 cm, hardcover

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