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This study is the first of its kind in documenting the early years of establishment of al-Jamaah al-Islamiyyah in Lebanon, the Muslim Brotherhodd related party. The study is distinguished with the rich information it presents as a result of its investigation, and, with the accompanying historical pictures and documents.

This study aims at constructing the conditions and environment in which the Jamaah was established, up until 1975, when the Lebanese civil war started. It depends mainly on Oral history, comparing various narratives for critical and reliable information, and on printed historical records whenever available, including al-Shihab magazine that was issued for nine years (1966-1975) by al-Jamaah.

Publication Info

Title: Al-Jamaah al-Islamiyah fi Lubnan: Munz al-Nash’a hatta 1975 (Al-Jamaah al-Islamiyah in Lebanon: From its Beginnings till 1975)
Prepared by: Amal Itani, Abdul-Qader Ali, and Moueen Manna’
Edited by: Mohsen Mohammad Saleh
Published in: 2009 (1st Edition)
Physical details: 190 pages, 17*24 cm, paperback
 Price: 4$

Noteworthy is that this study is the first part of a two-part series, whereby the second part will study al-Jamaah al-Islamiyyah in Lebanon after 1975..