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This study attempts to highlight the conspicuous defects of the Israeli army. It discusses the internal and external challenges facing it, in the light of the repeated complains within the inner circles of military decision making about the decline of the “army of citizens” model, upon which the IDF was primarily built on. It discusses the military failures of the IDF, especially in 2006 second war on Lebanon. The study envisages the Israeli army in a new picture different from the mighty stereo-type picture drawn by the media. It presents a new and significant approach that makes the book a “must read” for all researchers and experts.

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Title: Thagharat fi Jidar al-Jaysh al-Israeli (Breaches in the Wall of the Israeli Army)
Author: Adnan Abu Amer
Published in: 2009 (1st edition)
Physical details: 358 pages, 17*24 cm, paperback

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