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This report sheds light on the corruption among the political class in Israel, especially during Olmert’s tenure (2006-2008).

It gives a general view about the political and judicial system in Israel, and how it dealt with the issues of corruption. In addition, the report also tries to discusses the primary factors that contributed in spreading corruption and the impact of this issue on the Israeli society. It also focused on several cases of corruption in the Israel.

This report is available fully for free download on al-Zaytouna Centre’s Arabic Website. ( Download)

The Information Report series was launched by the Information Department of al-Zaytouna Centre in early 2008. It aims at providing periodical, informative, concise and well-documented information set on selected issues of concern on the Arab and Muslim World, specifically the Palestinian issue.



TitleAl-Fasad fi al-Tabaqah al-Siyasiyah al-Israeliyah (Corruption in the Political Class in Israel)

Editor: Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh

Managing Editor: Wael Wehbe

Published in: 2008 (1st edition)

Physical details: 43 pages, 14*21 cm, paperback

Price : 2 $