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Documentation of the experience of the Palestinian Islamic Movements within the Palestinian Camps in Lebanon.

In 264 pages, it starts with an overview of the general Islamic activity within the Palestinian community in Lebanon since arrival in 1948, before moving to shed the light on individual experiences of the Palestinian Islamic movements in Lebanon, mainly those of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), Islamic Jihad, Hizbu al-Tahrir, Usbat al-Ansar, and the the Jihadi Islamic Movement. For each of the above-mentioned movements, the author, Ra’fat Fahd Morra, is keen on detailing its experience in Lebanon, the establishment, the activities (political, religious, military, social, …), the various challenges and obstacles faced by it especially at critical periods of the Lebanese civil war, the war of the camps, and the Israeli invasion; in addition to its ideological background and the relations it maintained with various sides and parties, and its impact on the Palestinian camps in Lebanon.

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Title: Al-Harakat wa Al-Qiwa Al-Islamiyyah Al-‘Amila fi Al-Mujtama’ Al-Filastini fi Lubnan: Al-Nash’a – Al-Ahdaf – Al-Injazat (The Islamic Movements in the Palestinian Community in Lebanon: Establishment-Objectives-Achievements)
Author: Ra’fat Fahd Morra
Published in: 2010 (1st Edition)
Physical details: 264 pages, 17*24 cm, paperback

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The last chapter of this book is dedicated to the future of these movements, the various challenges anticipated, and the weakness and strength factors that might strategically affect them.