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This book is the autobiography of Mr. Ibrahim Ghusheh, the former Hamas speaker. It presents a life testimony of about 50 years of experience among the Palestinian Muslim Brothers. It highlights the work of Hamas outside Palestine. Additionally, the book provides the reader with very rich material and information revealed for the first time, by a man who was in the inner circle of the political decision making of Hamas, especially during the first 12 years of its establishment, i.e., 1988-2000.

Publication Info

Title: Al-Mi’dhanah al-Hamra’: Sirah Dhatiyah (The Red Minaret: Memoirs of Ibrahim Ghusheh)
Author: Ibrahim Ghusheh
Published in: 2008 (1st edition)
Physical details: 276 pages, 17*24 cm, hardcover
  Price: 10$

 The significance of the book stems from the detailed explanation of the author for many controversial points about the period that preceded the second Intifadah..