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This Information Report (#18) sheds light on the Palestinians’ refuge to Lebanon, their early arrival stage and how did their residential status develop until today. It states the rights and laws related to them in international law and texts, then summarizes the major texts related to them in Lebanese legislation texts and governmental decrees, including those in the fields of: visas, residency permits, labor law, property ownership law, etc…The report also includes the stances of major Lebanese political parties towards the Palestinian refugees and their rights, and the stances and efforts of various Palestinian sides (the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the Palestinian National Authority, and the Palestinian factions) in terms of defending and claiming these rights; in addition to the role of the Palestinian civil society organizations in Lebanon.

The report finally includes as well a briefing of Arab and international stances regarding the rights of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

This report is available fully for free download on al-Zaytouna Centre’s Arabic Website. ( Download)

    The Information Report series was launched by the Information Department of al-Zaytouna Centre in early 2008. It aims at providing periodical, informative, concise and well-documented information set on selected issues of concern on the Arab and Muslim World, specifically the Palestinian issue.



Title: Ishkaliyyat I‘ta’ al-Laji’in al-Filastiniyyin fi Lubnan Huquqahum al-Madaniyyah (The Dilemma of Granting the Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon their Civil Rights)

Editor: Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh

Managing Editor: Rabi‘ al-Dannan

Published in: 2011 (1st edition)

Physical details: 77 pages, 14*21 cm, paperback

Price : 2 $

Source: Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, Beirut 24/1/2011