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 Table 1/1: Results of Fatah Central Committee Elections 2009
Table 2/1: Classifications of Those Killed Outside Legal Channels According to the Region and Killing Background 2009

Table 1/2: Comparing the Outcome of the 18th Knesset Elections with That of the 17th Knesset Elections
Table 2/2: Population of Israel 2003–2009
Table 3/2: Number of Jewish Immigrants to Israel 1990–2009
Table 4/2: Israeli Gross Domestic Product 2003–2009
Table 5/2: Israeli GDP per Capita 2002–2009
Table 6/2: Total Israeli Exports and Imports 2006–2009
Table 7/2: Israeli Exports and Imports with Selected Countries 2006–2009
Table 8/2: American Aid to Israel 1949–2009
Table 9/2: Israeli Military Consumption 2003–2009
Table 10/2: The Killed and Wounded Among the Palestinians and the Israelis 2005–2009
Table 11/2: The Prisoners and Detainees in Israeli Jails 2009
Table 12/2: The Prisoners and Detainees in Israeli Jails According to Geographic Locations by the End of 2009
Table 13/2: The Prisoners and Detainees in Israeli Jails According to Their Legal Status by the End of 2009

Table 1/3: Israeli Exports and Imports with Some Arab Countries 2006–2009

Table 1/4: Israeli Trade with a Number of Non-Arab Muslim Countries 2006–2009

Table 1/5: European Financial Pledges for 2009, at the Sharm el-Sheikh Conference

Table 1/6: Excavations Under and Around al-Aqsa Mosque
Table 2/6: Construction and Expropriation Around al-Aqsa Mosque
Table 3/6: Demolished Houses in Jerusalem 2000–2009
Table 4/6: Number of Outposts Established During 1996–2009
Table 5/6: Abstractions from the Three Shared Aquifers Within WB and Israel 1999 
Table 6/6: Palestinian Abstractions from the Three Shared Aquifers 1999 and 2007
Table 7/6: Averages of Water Supplies and the Deficient Quantities

Table 1/7: Palestinian Population Worldwide Estimate According to Their Place of Residence at the End of 2009
Table 2/7: Comparing the Palestinian Total and Refugee Population in the WB and GS 2009
Table 3/7: Estimated Population Count According to the Governorate, Region and Sex at the End of 2009
Table 4/7: Selected Demographic Indicators for Palestinians According to Their Place of Residence
Table 5/7: Number of Individuals, Births and Families of the Palestinian Refugees Registered with UNRWA in Its Areas of Operations

Table 1/8: GDP in WB and GS 1999–2009
Table 2/8: Comparing the Israeli GDP to the Palestinian GDP 2005–2009
Table 3/8: GDP per Capita in WB and GS 1999–2009
Table 4/8: Comparison of the Israeli and Palestinian GDP per Capita 2004–2009
Table 5/8: Percentage of Total Consumption, Total Investment and Domestic Savings of the GDP 2000–2009
Table 6/8: Public Debt of the PA 2000–2009
Table 7/8: Public Revenues and Financing Sources 2008–2009
Table 8/8: Total and Development Expenditures 2008–2009
Table 9/8: The Development of the Actual Budget Balance for 2009 and Comparing It to the Estimate Budget 2008–2009
Table 10/8: Distribution of Persons Aged 15 Years and over in the WB and GS by Labor Force Status and Sex
Table 11/8: Distribution of Labor Force Participants Aged 15 Years and over in the WB and GS
Table 12/8: Unemployment Percentage Rate of Participants in the Labor Force Aged 15 Years and over in the WB and GS by Age Group
Table 13/8: General Framework of the Palestinian Labor Force in WB and GS 2008–2009
Table 14/8: Distribution of Employed Persons by Economic Activity for the Fourth Quarter of 2008 and the Quarters of 2009
Table 15/8: GDP by Economic Activity 1999, 2008 and 2009
Table 16/8: The Size of Agricultural Product and Its Contribution to the GDP 1999–2009
Table 17/8: Palestinian Foreign Trade, Selected Years
Table 18/8: Palestinian Foreign Trade 2008–2009
Table 19/8: Sources of Foreign Funding for the PA 2009
Table 20/8: Foreign Funding for PA 2009
Table 21/8: Pledges at Gaza Conference, Sharm el-Sheikh, 2/3/2009
Table 22/8: Total Losses of the Palestinian Economy
Table 23/8: Distribution of Direct Losses by Sector
Table 24/8: Estimates of the Costs of Reconstruction of GS According to the PA’s GERRP and EUNIDA
Table 25/8: Comparison of Average Monthly Imports Through GS Crossings During Different Periods


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