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Al-Zaytouna Centre is pleased to make available now for free download, the full book of the Palestinian Strategic report 2005.     The Palestinian Strategic report is an annual classic publication of the centre, that started in 2006 (i.e. with the 2005 report). Its objective is to assess the development of the Palestinian issue on a regular basis through a rigorous study of its various aspects: internal political affairs, economic development, the educational system, demographic indicators, the Arab-Islamic and international positions and the Israeli attitudes and policies.     It is based on observation, statistics and analysis, with adherence to strict academic measures and standards. Also, it is the result of a team-work, of a selected committee of experts and professionals in the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Israeli conflict.      We hope that this report will, at least somehow, significantly enrich the intellectual and scientific debate on the issues discussed; Moreover, we look forward to the comments of our readers and the critique of the specialists in the field to improve our future publications.

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Palestinian Strategic Report 2005: Download Options

Full report in a single pdf filepdf (268 pages, file size: 2.25 MB)

Divided in terms of individual Chapters (also pdf format):



Introduction, Table of Contents, Lists of figures, abbreviations, etc..

 pdf (20 pages)

Chapter One: The Internal Palestinian Scene: Change and the Quest for Consensus

 pdf (27 pages)

Chapter Two: The Israeli-Palestinian Scene: Launching the Journey towards the Green Line

 pdf (41 pages)

Chapter Three: The Palestinian Issue and the Arab World

 pdf (30 pages)

Chapter Four: The Palestinian Issue and the Muslim World

 pdf (26 pages)

Chapter Five: The Palestinian Issue and the International Setting

 pdf (28 pages)

Chapter Six: The Palestinian Demographic Indicators

 pdf (21 pages)

Chapter Seven: The Economic Situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

 pdf (37 pages)

Chapter Eight: Education in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

 pdf (33 pages)