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In collaboration with the Center of Contemporary Studies Al-Zaytouna Centre has published a new book The Palestinian Community in Israel & the Jewishness of the State.

The 144 page book includes the papers discussed at the Tenth Forum of the Center of Contemporary Studies, which was held at Nazareth in February 2010. Prominent researchers and leaders of historic Palestine contributed to this book. Among those are: Sheikh Raed Salah, Muhannad Mustafa, Dr. Musa Hujairat, Dr. Masoud Ighbariyeh, Abdul Razzaq Mitany, Eng. Zeki Ighbariyeh, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Abu Jabir, Abd Intbawi, and the Lawyer Hassan Tabaja.

Publication InfoTitle: Al-Dakhil al-Filastini wa Yahudiyyat al-Dawlah (The Palestinian Community in Israel & the Jewishness of the State)
Prepared by: Dr. Ibrahim Abu Jabir et al.
Published in: 2011 (2nd Edition)
Physical details: 144 pages, 17*24, paperback
Price: $5 

The book explores the conditions of the Arabs in the 1948 Palestinian territories, especially after Israel had proclaimed the “Jewishness of the State” and the arrival of the Netanyahu Government in 2009. This proclamation aims at liquidating the Palestinian issue, expelling those who are still there, confiscating and Judaizing their land and its sites, sabotaging sanctuaries and historical sites, destroying whole villages, changing the Arab names of places into Hebrew, and canceling the right of return.

The ten chapters discuss the population exchange projects and the effect of the “Jewishness of the State” on the identity of the Arabs in historic Palestine, the crisis of local Arab governance, razing Arab and Muslim relics, and the policy of Judaization planning. It also examines Israeli ethnic cleansing manifested in the destruction of homes, internal forced displacement and the revocation of IDs, Judaizing education, the Land Privatization Law which facilitates the transfer of the ownership of the State’s lands which were originally Arab lands confiscated by Israel to Jewish ownership.Finally, the book sheds light on the role of the High Follow-up Committee for Arab Affairs.

This is the second edition of this book, the first was published by the Center of Contemporary Studies in 2010.

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, Beirut, 26/9/2011