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The General-Manager of Al-Zaytouna Centre, Dr. Mohsen Moh’d Saleh, participated in the “Palestinian Refugees in the Arab World: Reality & Prospects” seminar which was organized by  Aljazeera Center for Studies in collaboration with The Palestinian Return Centre, on 14 & 15/4/2012, in Doha, Qatar.

A number of Arab and Palestinian researchers and experts who are interested in the refugees issue participated in this seminar, and Dr. Saleh presented a paper entitled, “The Impact of the Arab Revolutions on the Palestinian Issue.”

Dr. Saleh discussed the impact of the Arab revolutions on the Palestinian issue, its possible effects on the core of the Zionist equation, Palestinian conditions, and the consequent Arab, American and Israeli conduct.

Dr. Saleh came to the conclusion that the change taking place in the Arab arenas is an opportunity to review the Palestinian dossier, support and reinforce it. Saleh reiterated the necessity of developing an address that stresses the role of the nation in its struggle with the Zionist project. He said that confronting this project is an integral part of the hoped for accomplishments of the revolutions and changes.

Saleh called for benefiting from the energy of the Arab and Palestinian youth, involving them on a wide scale in the various political, economic, social and public areas. He added that the will of change must not be monopolized by any sect, faction or party, it must rather express the will of the different components of the society, all its groups, sects and races. He also warned of sliding into sectarian and racial conflicts, and stressed the need to block all the routes leading to these conflicts with all available means.  



Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 18/4/2012