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Al-Zaytouna Centre is glad to announce that it has launched its official pages on Facebook and Twitter. This comes in line with its strategy to make full use of these media channels to communicate with various segments of its public and keep them informed of its activities and achievements.

Al-Zayotuna believes in the importance of interaction with its public, thus launching these pages will provide new fora to post comments and exchange views. The services provided by both pages will also broaden the base of those who benefit from the Centre’s publications and services.

Al-Zaytouna’s Facebook will provide its followers information about the Centre, its work and general policies. It will post its latest news on its publications and activities; conferences, panel discussions, training courses, participations in book fairs, etc. In addition, our followers on Facebook will immediately be informed when the Arabic daily newsletter “Palestine Today” is issued. 

As for our official Twitter page, it will update our followers with various updates of the above mentioned. It will also tweet the headline news of our Arabic daily newsletter so as to link the followers directly to the most important new articles.

These two pages will make you feel free to comment on whatever is published by al-Zaytouna, a service not provided by our official website.

To view the Twitter page, click here

To view the Facebook page, click here

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 24/5/2012