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Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations has issued an information file in Arabic that discusses the Israeli position on the events and changes in Egypt after 30/6/2013 and until 15/3/2014. 

The revolution, changes and developments that took place in Egypt since 25/1/2011, have aroused great interest and deep concern among Israeli decision-makers, politicians, journalists and specialists. This concern increased due to the rise of Islamists who are known for their hostility to Israel, and their rejection of the Camp David Accords.

However, their ascent was temporary and partial; The parliament and Shura (Consultative) Council—in which they won a majority of seats—were stalled, and then after the protests of June 30th and the coup d’état of 3/7/2013, which was conducted by the military and an alliance of multiple political parties, elected President Muhammad Morsi was overthrown and the constitution was suspended.

The file sheds light on the most prominent Israeli stances toward the events and changes in Egypt after 30 June 2013. It tackles the statements and attitudes of Israeli political, official and military leaders, as well as those of academics and media members, concerning the events in Egypt and Sinai. It also discusses the Israelis’ position concerning the coupists’ designation of the Muslim Brothers Movement as a terrorist movement; the internal crisis in Egypt, and Egypt’s political future.

The file reveals the Israeli satisfaction with the Egyptian tightening of the Gaza Strip (GS) siege, and the destruction of the vital underground supply tunnels, accompanied by a smear campaign led by the Egyptian media against GS and the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas.
This information file provides the researchers and specialists with detailed, clear, accurate, and well-documented material concerning Israeli positions. It helps decision-makers in understanding the Israeli policy better. Moreover, it highlights the views of prominent analysts in Israeli newspapers, and those of Hebrew media trends.

 Information File (21): The Israeli Position on the Events & Changes in Egypt After 30 June 2013 Word (346 page, 2.7 MB )

Information File (21): The Israeli Position on the Events & Changes in Egypt After 30 June 2013 (346 page, 2.2 MB )

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 26/3/2014