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Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations in Beirut has published a new Arabic book: The Palestinian Liberation Army and the Popular Liberation Forces and Their Role in the Resistance to the Israeli Occupation 1964–1973, written by the retired Brigadier General ‘Abdullah Mahmud ‘Ayyash. This 538-page book is his thesis for Master’s degree in modern and contemporary history.

‘Ayyash sheds light on the experience of the Palestinian resistance in general, the establishment and evolution of the Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA), and in particular the experience of the Popular Liberation Forces (PLF) from 1973–1967, in some Arab countries (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and afterwards Jordan).

Publication Information:

Title: Jaysh al-Tahrir al-Filastini wa Quwwat al-Tahrir al-Sha‘biyyah wa Dawruhuma fi Muqawamat al-Ihtilal al-Israeli 1964-1973 (Palestinian Liberation Army & Popular Liberation Forces & Their Role in the Resistance to the Israeli Occupation: 1964-1973)

Author: Brig. Gen. (Ret) ‘Abdullah ‘Ayyash

Hardcover: 538 pages

Edition: 2014 (First edition)

Price: $20


This is an important book whose author is a retired officer of the PLA. He was able to reach many published and unpublished documents related to the PLA. Moreover, the personal interviews and testimonies in addition to the meetings with eyewitnesses added authenticity to the book. 

The book explores the role of the PLA in the June 1967 war, the details of the battles it fought on all fronts, the operations carried out between 1967 and 1973, and the arrests and chases of its members by the Israeli occupation forces. The PLA also suffered from the assassination of its leaders by the Israeli occupation forces.

Al-Zaytouna Centre has published this reference book that contains primary source materials, which will help the readers understand the PLA, its development, military formations, administration, military operations and its relation with other Palestinian factions.

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 7/4/2014