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Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, represented by its General Manager Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Political Science Institute at Jinan University in Tripoli, represented by its Dean Prof. Dr. Ramez al-Tanbour, on 26/7/2016.

The MoU signature event took place in the presence of Dr. Bassam Hijazi, Vice President of Academic and Financial Affairs, Dr. Aicha Yakan, Vice President of Administrative & Student Affairs, Dr. Hashem Ayoubi, Dean of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities, and Wael Sa‘ad, Assistant General Manager at al-Zaytouna Centre.

The MoU agrees on the cooperation in scientific research, and the exchange of scientific and research experiences. It includes organizing joint events, such as seminars and conferences.

This comes with the framework of the center’s quest to expand its cooperation with academic institutions and think tanks in order to achieve its objectives and aspirations.

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 29/7/2016