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Al-Zaytouna Centre has published a new book entitled, “The Israeli Security System and the Arab Uprisings,” by Dr. ‘Adnan Abu ‘Amer. It discusses the Israeli security interaction with the Arab revolutions and the movements of change, citing Hebrew studies, evaluations and position assessments issued by the Israeli security system and research centers. It analyzes the events and makes some comparisons, in addition to introducing the most important Israeli leaders and generals to the readers, by displaying their brief biographies.

The book also discusses the Israeli security measures to stop the negative impact of these uprisings on Israel, and the security coordination with its regional and international allies to curb the Arab revolutionary tide.

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>> Chapter three:, “The Security Impact of the Arab Uprisings on Israel (Arabic) (49 pages, 1.1 MB)

Publication Information


– Title: Manzumat al-Amn al-Israeli wa al-Thawrat al-‘Arabiyyah (The Israeli Security System and the Arab Uprisings)

– Author: ‘Adnan Abu ‘Amer
– Published in: 2016, 1st edition
– Paperback: 198 pages
– Price: $8
– ISBN: 978-9953-572-58-1

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The first chapter entitled, “The Israeli Security Assessment of the Outbreak of the Arab Revolutions,” discusses the current Israeli security system, the causes and characteristics of the Arab uprisings, the Israeli positions on the Arab uprisings, and the vision of the Arab revolutions and their stances concerning Israel.

Chapter two entitled, “The Israeli Security Follow-up to the Countries of the Arab Uprisings,” discusses the Egyptian, Syrian, Tunisian and Yemeni uprisings, and their impact on the rest of the Arab countries, especially Jordan, Iraq and the Palestine issue.

Chapter three entitled, “The Security Impact of the Arab Uprisings on Israel,” discusses the impact of the Arab uprisings on the future of the peace agreements between the Arabs and Israel, regional isolation, military risks, the rise of Islamic movements, and the trade-off between security stability and democracy.

Chapter four entitled, “Israeli Steps Against the Arab Uprisings,” discusses the counter-revolutions, lack of strategic balance, intelligence efforts, and the regional environment.

This study came six years after the outbreak of the Arab uprisings, amid continuous Israeli caution and alert.

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 2/9/2016