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Al-Zaytouna Centre Issues its Yearbook “Al-Zaytouna Harvest 2016”

 Al-Zayotuna Harvest is an introduction to the 2016 works and achievements of al-Zaytouna Centre. It lists the books issued in 2016 and gives a brief description of their contents. These books include: The Palestinian Strategic Report, Am I Not A Human? series, The Palestine Daily Chronicle, and others.

Eng_Cover_Achievements_2016Al-Zayotuna Harvest also provides brief details about other works: The Strategic Assessment periodic report, al-Zaytouna Translations, “Palestine Today” Newsletter, al-Zaytouna English and Arabic websites, in addition to reports on the Center’s conferences, panel discussions, training courses and others.

This booklet provides a briefing on the Centre’s cooperation with academic institutions and think tanks, participation in book fairs, public relations activities, and contacts with the media. It seeks to keep the Centre’s public and those interested in its publications and activities always informed and updated.

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies & Consultations hopes for continuous development and advancement in its works and activities. Any suggestions, critiques, impressions or remarks are always welcomed.

>> Click here to download: Al-Zaytouna Harvest 2016 (25 pages, 6.3 MB)

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies & Consultations, 9/2/2017