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It is our great pleasure in al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies & Consultations and the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad, and in collaboration with the Arab International Center for Communication and Solidarity, to invite you to participate in the conference titled “Balfour Declaration: Centenary of a Colonial Project.. What Future Awaits the Zionist Project?!” The conference will be held on 17/11/2017, at Crowne Plaza Hotel-Beirut.

The conference aims to explore the historical background of the Balfour Declaration and the emergence of the Zionist project. It will tackle the British, American, and Western support for the Zionist project and the continuation of Israel. Attended by distinguished experts, the conference provides critical reading of the Palestinian, Arab, Islamic, and international behavior on the question of Palestine.

The conference will include an opening ceremony and two sessions that will discuss the following topics:

1. The International and Arab environment at the time of Balfour Declaration.
2. Balfour Declaration in international law, and its impact on the legal rights of the Palestinian people.
3. International Solidarity with the Palestinian right.
4. 100 years since the Balfour Declaration.. Did the Arabs stand up to its consequences?
5. 100 years since the Balfour Declaration.. An evaluation of the resistance projects against the Zionist project.
6. The future of the Zionist project in light of regional developments.
7. The future of the Zionist project in light of Palestinian developments.
8. What can be done in the face of the Balfour Declaration?

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For Participation
To participate, please fill out the Application Form by 10/11/2017. Please note that the organizer of the conference does not bear any travel and accommodation expenses; however, it may be possible to offer assistance to guests based outside Lebanon with official invitation letters.

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