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Al-Zaytouna Centre publishes, and offers for free download, the academic paper “India-Israel: From a Hush-Hush Relationship to Open Celebration,” by Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan. He is a well renowned Indian scholar and editor of The Milli Gazette, and he was appointed the chairperson of Delhi minorities commission in July 2017.

The paper analyzes why India so quickly and openly came closer than ever to Israel? It explains how Israel has been able to continuously strengthen its relations with India, and discusses the perception of each country of the bilateral relations.

The paper also discusses the India-Israel trade and economic ties, including arms import. Questions like what are Israel’s activities in India? how is it involved in Hindu terror there? and how does the Indian public support Palestine? are answered thoroughly by the author. At the end, he concludes that only with a strong Arab footing and presence in India, Israeli influence can be blunted.

The study is available for free download in Pdf format.

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>> Academic Paper: India-Israel: From a Hush-Hush Relationship to Open Celebration … Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan (18 page, 970 KB)

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 8/11/2017