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The events and suffering of Palestinian refugees in recent years, in Gaza Strip (GS) in 2014, Syria in 2011 and the Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp in northern Lebanon in 2007, have increased challenges facing the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). These include reconstruction challenges, emergency relief for refugees, and sustainable services.

In recent years, donor financial contributions to UNRWA decreased, leading to a crisis that threatens the existence of the Agency or warn of a deterioration in its services. In addition, in early 2018, the US administration under President Donald Trump froze the funding to the Agency. Consequently, many questions have been raised about the impact of these developments on the future of Palestinian refugees and the right of return, especially that the ending of the “refugees issue” has been raised as an introduction or within the framework of the so-called “Deal of the Century.”

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>> Information File (24): The UNRWA Crisis 2016–2018 (325 page, 3.4 MB) (Arabic)

Publication Information
Arabic– Title: Information File (24): Azamat al-Unrwa 2016–2018 (The UNRWA Crisis 2016–2018)
– Supervised by: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh
– Prepared by:Basem Jalal Elkassem, Baraa Salim Zaidan, Rabi‘ al-Dannan, Samer Mustafa Hussein, Saleh Mahmoud ‘Othman, and Wael ‘Abdallah Wehbe
– Paperback: 325 page
– Year of Publication: 2018 (First edition)
– Free Download: Click here (325 page, 3.4 MB) (Arabic)

The file highlights the latest developments in UNRWA’s financial crisis. It displays the most important news, reports and articles covering the Agency’s events and challenges and their impact on Palestinian refugees. This information file also includes various Palestinian, Arab and international positions that accompanied these developments, covering the period 1/1/2016–16/4/2018.

The detailed, scientific, enriched, clear and accurate information provide researchers and those interested in the Palestine issue—especially in the refugee dossier— with a clear picture of the UNRWA recent crisis.

Information File (24) was prepared by the Archives and Information Department, and supervised by Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh.

>> Free Download:
>> Information File (24): The UNRWA Crisis 2016–2018 (325 pages, 3.4 MB) (Arabic)

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 30/4/2018

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