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Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations has issued the Information File (27) in Arabic entitled, “The Development of the Arab-Israeli Normalization and Its Impact on the Palestine Issue,” and it is offered for free download.

Recent months and weeks have witnessed normalization agreements between some Arab countries and Israel, which were the culmination of a gradual process over the years. The harbingers of this path began with meetings that were mostly secret, focusing on security, economic and military cooperation.

With the increased interest of the US administration during Donald Trump’s term in this file, and the re-prioritization of some Arab countries to their policies according to their new vision of the internal and external challenges and risks, these countries began forging peace agreements with Israel, citing the requirements of their states’ supreme interests, citing the moral and material returns of these agreements.

Israel used these normalization agreements to prove its vision and approach to solve the Palestine issue. It is based on concluding bilateral agreements with Arab countries as a primary goal, regardless of the developments of the peace process with the Palestinian side, taking advantage of the current US support to this path.

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>> Information File (27): The Development of the Arab-Israeli Normalization and Its Impact on the Palestine Issue (562 page, 6.8 MB) (Arabic)

Publication Information
Arabic– Title: Information File (27): Tatawwur al-Tatbi‘al-‘Arabi al-Israeli wa Atharuhu ‘Ala al-Qadiyyah al-Filastiniyyah (The Development of the Arab-Israeli Normalization and Its Impact on the Palestine Issue)

– Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh
– Managing Editor:Basem Elkassem
– Date of Publishing: 2020 (1st edition)
– Paperback: 562 pages
– Free Download: Click here (562 page, 6.8 MB) (Arabic)

Due to the importance of this issue, the editorial board at al-Zaytouna Centre chose to study the development of the Arab-Israeli normalization by providing the readers with the most important news, reports and articles, discussing also its impact on the Palestine issue. It covers the period 1/1/2018–26/10/2020.

This Information File is a detailed academic study, providing the researchers and specialists with detailed, clear, accurate, and well-documented material on the issue.

Noted that the Archives and Information Department has prepared this Information File (27), with Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh as editor-in-chief and Basem Elkassem the managing editor.

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 1/12/2020

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