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Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations held on 6/10/2021, a panel discussion on Zoom, entitled “The Resistance Line Options in Exiting the Palestinian Predicament.” A select of specialists, experts and those interested in Palestinian issue participated.

The General Manager of al-Zaytouna Centre, Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh, opened the discussion stating that the Palestine issue is living multiple crises, including a leadership crisis, a crisis of institutions, and a crisis of two opposing paths; the resistance and the peace process. There is also the fact that major global powers are protecting Israel, while the Arab and Muslim countries supporting the Palestine issue are currently weak. He said that the Sword of Jerusalem battle has led the resistance to be at the forefront the Palestinian scene, enjoying quite a support from the Palestinian people. As for the disruption of elections and reconciliation process by the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization (the leadership of the Palestinian Authority/ Fatah leadership), it led to the anger and frustration of the Palestinian public, while the Arab and international (and even Israeli) efforts focused on rehabilitating this leadership, devaluing the accomplishments of the resistance, and preoccupying the people with lifting the siege and the reconstruction.

Several future scenarios (near and medium) for the Palestinian situation have been presented, including: First scenario, ending the schism, achieving a reconciliation agreement and national consensus, and returning to the election process. Second, maintaining the status quo, i.e., stagnation, the continuation of the schism and political strife, and the disruption of the electoral process. Third, the regional and international forces would succeed in rehabilitating the PA, strengthening its position, and weakening Hamas and the resistance forces. Fourth scenario, the resistance forces would succeed in forming an alternative national reference or a national coordinating framework that adopts the option of resistance. And fifth, the gradually accelerating collapse of the PA popularity, clashing with the public, and losing control over the land and the political scene…

In light of the Palestinian, Arab, regional and international conditions, most probably the status quo scenario will take place; whereas there are some chances for the scenario of forming an alternative national coordinating pro-resistance framework to take place, which will put pressure for a change in the official Palestinian institutions.

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 7/10/2021