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Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations publishes the paper of Isma‘il Haniyyah, the head of Hamas political bureau, entitled “Hamas’s Future Vision for the Advancement of the Palestinian National Project,” which was presented in the webinar held by the Centre on 3/11/2021.

This paper is considered a reference of the political thought of Hamas. It comes after a phase where the Palestinian landscape had witnessed major events including the disruption of the Palestinian elections and reconciliation efforts, which affected the confidence and credibility of the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Also, after the Sword of Jerusalem battle, which led Hamas to become at the forefront of the Palestinian political scene and the resistance movement to become more popular. This paper comes at a time when Haniyyah is beginning his second term as the leader of the movement.

Al-Zaytouna as a think tank considers publishing this paper part of its role to bridge the gaps between policy and decision makers, on one hand, and the academic and cultural elite interested in the Palestine issue, on the other hand.

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>>Paper: Hamas’s Future Vision For the Advancement of the Palestinian National Project … Isma‘il Haniyyah (21 pages, 1.8 MB)

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 17/11/2021

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