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Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations has published a new Arabic book entitled Studies on Normalization with the Zionist State: The Award-Winning Studies of the International Research Competition “No to Normalization.” The 510-page book consists of 13 refereed studies that were chosen out of 160 research abstracts submitted by researchers from Palestine, Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia and Jordan to the “No to Normalization” international research competition, whose final results were announced on 14/6/2021.

The academic authorities at Al-Zaytouna Centre selected the winning researches out of 82 papers received, and the book was published in collaboration with PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre – Malaysia, the General Authority for Youth and Culture – Gaza and Elmessiri Academy for Research and Studies – Gaza. The order of studies inside the book is based on the subjects discussed and not according to the degrees obtained in the competition. The book was edited by Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh and the academic editing team consisting of Iqbal ‘Omeish, Iman Barghout, Rana Jarjour and Fatima ‘Itani. The published studies are refereed academic studies that were approved by a panel of referees of 28 professors. The studies comprehensively covered the legal, educational, cultural, civilizational, political, economic, media, security and military aspects related to the resistance to normalization.

>> Click here to download: Book: Studies on Normalization with the Zionist State: The Award-Winning Studies of the International Research Competition “No to Normalization” (512 pages, 6.4 MB) (Arabic)

Publication Information
– Title: Dirasat fi al-Tatbi‘ ma‘ al-Kiyan al-Suhyuni: Al-Dirasat al-Fa’izah fi al-Musabaqh al-Bahthiyyah al-Dawliyyah “La li al-Tatbi‘”(Studies on Normalization with the Zionist State: The Award-Winning Studies of the International Research Competition “No to Normalization)
– Prepared by: Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh
– Published in: 2022
– Hard Cover: 510 pages.
– Price: $20
– ISBN: 978-614-494-026-6

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Normalization of relations with Israel is one of the biggest risks currently facing the Palestine issue. For it aims to reshape the Arab and Islamic relations, values and concepts towards the Israeli occupation, in accordance with the Israeli point of view, and it makes the Palestine issue lose its Arab and Islamic aspects, singling it out in an effort to close the issue.

The first chapter, by Dr. Muhammad ‘Abdul Rahman Ashour, discusses normalization according to Shari‘ah and its risks threatening the Palestine issue and the Arab and Muslim countries. The second chapter, by Dr. Lubaid Imad bin Muhammad, discusses normalization in the Jewish religious imagination, while the third chapter, by Kamal Ammar Bonab, discusses normalization with Israel and its role in promoting the doctrine of settler colonialism. As for the fourth chapter, by Iman Sam‘an Sa‘id ‘Atallah, it discusses the impact of normalization with Israel on the rights of Palestinians according to international law. The fifth chapter, by Dr. ‘Umar Khader Younis Saad and Hajar Ahmad Zaidi, discusses normalization in light of the Arab initiative and international law. In the sixth chapter Dr. Ilham Jabr Shamali and Joanne Mahmud Saleh discuss cultural normalization and its repercussions on the Palestine issue. As for the seventh chapter, by Dr. Mahmud ‘Abdul-Majid ‘Assaf, it discusses the implications of normalization on the Arab educational discourse. Dr. Hikmat ‘Ayesh al-Masry discusses in the eighth chapter the role of Palestinian universities in consolidating social responsibility and promoting national fundamentals among university students in light of normalization. As for chapter nine, by Dr. Ahmad ‘Abdul Hakim Shehab, Yusuf Salah al-Ashqar and Nismah Hussain al-‘Attar, it discusses the civil responsibility of the normalizing countries. In the tenth chapter, Basil Saleh al-Qadi discusses the risks of normalization on the Arab and Muslim countries. Also, Hayyan Muhammad Suleiman (Hayyan Jaber) discusses in the eleventh chapter the role of the peoples of the region in confronting normalization. In the twelfth chapter, Ahmad ‘Awad al-Kumi discusses the security motives of Arab-Israeli normalization and its impact on the Palestine issue, and the final chapter, by Rami Ahmad Zubaidah discusses the military and security effects of Arab-Israeli normalization.

This book is one of the most prominent indispensable references related to normalization with Israel. It was academically edited, reviewed and documented.

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 4/8/2022