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On 27/3/2024, al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations held a panel discussion titled “Determinants of US Policy towards the Gaza War and Its Future Trajectories,” where experts and specialists in Palestinian affairs shared their insights.

Moderated by Dr. Mohsen Mohammed Saleh, the panel discussion delved into the factors shaping US policy regarding Operation al-Aqsa Flood and the war on Gaza. Discussions revolved around the key principles and considerations guiding US decision-making, analyzing pivotal elements with qualitative and foundational significance in shaping policy towards the Strip. Additionally, the panel examined the potential landscape of Gaza post-conflict and anticipated US policy trends leading up to the end of 2024 or the next US election cycle.

The role of the Israel lobby in the US and its influence, alongside the impact of US economic conditions, arms and oil lobbies, as well as the voices of youth groups, Arab and Islamic organizations, were explored in the context of US decision-making processes.

This panel discussion was held against the backdrop of the ongoing Operation al-Aqsa Flood, the resilience of Palestinian resistance, the unwavering support of the Palestinian people, Israel’s ruthless onslaught on Gaza, its illicit conduct within and beyond Palestinian territories, and the unlimited US support for Israel.

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 2/4/2024