Publication Information

– Title: Illusions of Palestinian Political Action
– Prepared by: Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh
– Published in: 2022
– Paperback: 52 pages.
– ISBN: 978-614-494-031-0

There are widespread literatures and concepts in the Palestinian political, media, scientific and cultural realms that promote visions and perceptions whose implementation seems to be an illusion that has no experimental or systematic scientific reading bases.
This book is intended to expose these illusions and their impact in terms of misconceptions, miscalculations, loss of direction, dilemmas in paths and outcomes, failure in decision-making, and waste of time, efforts and capabilities.

These illusions were concisely discussed, identifying their main ideas and critiquing their concepts, terms and paths. The aim is to reach the widest possible audience interested in the Palestine issue, with plain and simple language, devoid of prolonged discussions. Although what’s written is based on scientific, methodological and objective foundations, and on documented information, however, since this book is more of an essay-like book, there is no referencing. At the same time, this book includes summaries based on hundreds of studies and books, and on tens of years of research and preoccupation with the Palestine issue.