Publication Information

– Title: The Road to Jerusalem: A Historical Study of the Islamic Experience in the Land of Palestine From the Time of the Prophets to the 21st Century
– Prepared by: Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh
– Published in: 2023 (Revised and Updated Version 2023)
– Paperback: 320 pages.
– ISBN: 978-614-494-040-2

Palestine… the holy land, the arena of conflict between good and evil. Since Abraham (PBUH), raised the banner of righteousness and al-Tawhid (monotheism) there, generations of prophets and righteous people inherited and circulated it, preserving its identity and authenticity. The more the Holy Land is freed from the tyranny of the usurpers, the more people of truth will come to remove the darkness from it, so that it may shine again with the light of monotheism.
This book … reviews the Islamic experience on the land of Palestine from the ages of the prophets to our time (until 2022), studies the Islamic Futuh (conquests) of it, its liberation from the Crusaders and Tatars, and discusses its modern and contemporary conditions since the end of the Ottoman State. It sheds light on the role of the Islamic movement in uprisings, revolutions and resistance action against the British occupation and Israel, including the roles of Haj Amin al-Hussaini, al-Qassam’s al-Jihadiyyah movement, the Muslim Brothers movement, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine…
This book calls the Ummah (Muslim nation) to preserve its authenticity and insist on its right. It asserts that the usurping Zionist occupation is but a stage in the history of the conflict and a link in its chain, and that when the Ummah returns to its senses and regains its strength, unity and revival elements, this state will vanish, as did before the people of evil.
This book… serves many readers who want to learn about the history of Palestine and its issue from an Islamic point of view. It is academically sourced and attributed, informative and it employs an accessible style, away from rigidity and monotony. It seeks to highlight morals and lessons, while being away from emotional rhetoric and flourish.