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This book presents in a simple but academic and concise style, the various aspects of the Israeli racism, on the official and public level. It considers the Palestinian who have the Israeli citizenship as a case study, and discusses their sufferings under the Israeli state where they is continuous dis-criminaton against them, violating their absic rights in their own home and land. The English translation of this book is available for free download.

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Title: The Israeli Racism

– Prepared by: Abbas Ismail

– Edited by: Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh, Yassir Al-Ali, & Mariam Itani

Published in: January 2008 (1st Edition)

– Physical details: 106 pages, 14*21 cm, paperback

– Price: 4 $

>> Click to Download the Full Book (101 pages, 36.4 MB)


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This series is a rich interactive documentation of the Palestinian suffering under the Israeli occupation. It focuses on the Israeli violations of the Palestinians’ basic human rights. This series is also distinguished with academic, well documented, comprehensive, concise, and graphically-supported, It is published (& ongoing publication) in both Arabic and English Languages.


Chapter 1: Israel and Racism

Chapter 2: Racist Proclamations and Statements against Arabs and Palestinians in Israel

Chapter 3: Levels and Manifestations of Israeli Racism
   1. On the Level of Job Representation and Budgets
2. On the Public Level
3. On the Legal Level
a- Law of Return and Nationality Law
b- Laws of Land Confiscation
c- Other Racist Laws
4. In Sentencing and Judgements
5. In Education

Chapter 4: Transfer of Palestinian Arabs from Palestine

Chapter 5: Violation of Sanctuaries

Click Here to Download the Book   (101 pages, 36.4 MB)

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