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This report sheds the light on the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, specifically the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC). It highlights issues such as the structure, laws, regulations, and tasks of the PLC according to the basic Palestinian law (that is the document nearest to the definition of constitution within the PNA establishment); and the relation between the PLC and other PLO bodies and institutions.

The report also includes  a valuable review of the experience of the two councils that occupied the young age of the PLC (1996-2006 & 2006-2010). Within the second council’s experience, it focuses on the issue of Hamas’s electoral victory and the following Israeli pressures towards obstacling the council’s role and functionality; the Israeli detention of tens of the Council’s members who are affiliated with Hamas, including the Council’s Speaker.

The report then moves to the more contemporary Hamas-Fatah division, and the presidential decrees issued by Abbas, that also targeted the role and functionality of the PLC. Finally it considers the current arguments regarding the term and mandate of the current council, and the possibility of calling for -and actually running- legislative elections; or whether this will be postponed till achieving national Palestinian reconciliation.

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The Information Report series was launched by the Information Department of al-Zaytouna Centre in early 2008. It aims at providing periodical, informative, concise and well-documented information set on selected issues of concern on the Arab and Muslim World, specifically the Palestinian issue.



TitleAl-Majlis al-Tashri’i al-Filastini fi al-Daffa al-Gharbiyyah wa Qita’ Ghazza 1996-2010 (The Palestinian Legislative Council in the West Bank and Gaza Strip 1996-2010)

Editor: Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh

Deputy Editor: Abdul-Hameed al-kayyali

Managing Editor: Rabi‘ al-Dannan

Published in: 2010 (1st edition)

Physical details: 70 pages, 14*21 cm, paperback
Price : 2 $