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On 28/6/2012, al-Zaytouna Centre is organizing a one-day seminar on the Crisis of the Palestinian National Project & its Prospects. Scholars, specialists and politicians will discuss various aspects of the current crisis, where putting the Palestinian house in order, the peace process and the Palestinian armed resistance are either stumbling or on halt.

A year has elapsed since the signing of the reconciliation agreement. Meanwhile the winds of change are still blowing across the region, but the peace process is still preserving a status quo. Internal, Israeli and American obstacles render the formation of a Palestinian government, holding elections, restructuring the security forces and reestablishing the PLO, very difficult.

The one-day seminar will address these issues and more in three panel discussions, where analysis and recommendations will be presented. 

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 8/6/2012