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On 30/3-1/4/2013 the first Palestinian National Security Conference was held in Gaza under the auspices of the Management and Politics Academy for Postgraduate Studies.

Consultants, politicians, academicians and members of parliaments from Muslim and Arab countries participated in this conference.

Dr. Mohsen Moh’d Saleh, the general manager of al-Zaytouna Centre presented a paper in the second session entitled “The Arab Uprisings and the Palestinian Issue,” which discussed five topics; the Arab uprisings and the change in the equation of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the return of the Palestinian issue to the Arab and Islamic folds, the impact of uprisings and changes on the Palestinian issue, the expected Israeli behavior towards the change in the Arab World and the expected American behavior. Saleh ended his paper with some recommendations and suggestions.  



Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 2/4/2013