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At the International Relations Academy in Istanbul, Dr.Mohsen Mohammad Saleh delivered a lecture entitled “The Deal of the Century: Tracks and Challenges,” on 19/7/2019. Dozens of Turkish and Arab authors and journalists attended the lecture, and prominent figures such as Dr. ‘Amr Darrag, Dr. ‘Azzam Tamimi, Dr. Saifuddine ‘Abdul Fattah and Taher al-Nunu shared their commentaries.

Saleh said that the deal has five bases; the first focuses on the Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, while the sovereignty over their land is belongs to Israel. It requires the absence of any Palestinian army or force on the ground.

The second is based on the notion of economic peace, which the latest Bahrain workshop has promoted.

The third seeks to liquidate all final status issues between Israel and the Palestinians, by cancelling the right of return, making Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and continuing the policy of settlement building in WB.

The fourth is based on the normalization of relations before the peace settlement, i.e., Arab countries would forge political relations with Israel before settling the Palestine issue. That way, the Palestinians would be isolated so as to impose solutions on them.

The last basis includes establishing a regional alliance of Arab states and Israel to fight “terrorism,” through which it would fight the movements of liberation and revival, consume the nation’s potentials, and try to turn the conflict into a matter of sectarian and ethnic wars, far from the conflict with Israel.

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 29/7/2019