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Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations in Beirut issued a new Arabic book entitled “The Palestine Daily Chronicle of 2023,” now available for free download.

This publication chronicles the most significant events related to the Palestine issue throughout 2023, documenting a timeline that reflects the nature of the current phase and highlights shifts in political trajectories. It particularly focuses on the positions of Palestinian, Israeli, Arab, Muslim and international actors. As one of al-Zaytouna Centre’s most important periodical publications, this book employs a meticulous mechanism for news selection. It draws from dozens of daily and periodic sources, considering their significance and role in shaping the landscape of events and developments pertinent to the Palestine issue. This book presents events in a concise manner, facilitating a comprehensive overview of the entire year. This volume notably includes coverage of the most prominent events related to Operation al-Aqsa Flood from 7/10/2023 to 31/12/2023. It documents the operation’s timeline while providing relevant information, statistics, trajectories, and various stakeholders’ positions.

The 873-page book is prepared and edited by Prof. Dr.. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh, Rabi‘ al-Dannan, and Wael Wehbeh.

>> Click here to download: The Palestine Daily Chronicle of 2023 (875 pages, 7.8 MB) (Arabic)
Publication Information

– Title: Al-Yawmiyyat al-Filastiniyyah li Sanat 2023 (The Palestine Daily Chronicle of 2023).
– Prepared & Edited by: Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh, Rabi‘ al-Dannan, and Wael Wehbeh.
– Published in: 2024
– Paperback Copy Price: $30
– Soft Copy Price: $9.99
– Hard Cover: 873 pages.
– ISBN: 978-614-494-051-8

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The news and events in The Palestine Daily Chronicle of 2023 have been edited and condensed based on their significance, providing a comprehensive and systematic overview. The focus is on news that impacts the course of events, emphasizing the essence and content while omitting unimportant footnotes, comments, and duplicate texts. The information is presented in clear, accessible language, avoiding unreliable and biased sources, as well as those spreading rumors and propaganda. An index is included to facilitate easy access to information. Names, dates, and numbers have been standardized throughout the volume.

The book puts forth information and statistics of significance, related to both the Palestinian and the Israeli sides. The information include various aspects of Palestinian political, economic, cultural, social and educational performance, the performance of the resistance, the internal situation… and others. The book also covers matters related to Israel economically, socially, security-wise and militarily, as well as matters related to settlement building, Judaization programs, attacks on Jerusalem and the holy sites, and the peace process.

The Palestine Daily Chronicle series is significant for providing comprehensive, documented material on the Palestine issue, covering all aspects and developments. It enriches the Palestinian library with reference books that serve researchers and scholars in Palestinian studies, as well as universities and research centers.

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 9/7/2024