Title: The Suffering of the Palestinian Prisoners and Detainees under the Israeli Occupation

Prepared by: Feras Abu Helal

Edited by: Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh, Mariam Itani , and Rana Sa’adah

Published in: 2011 (1st Edition)

Physical details: 128 pages, 17*21 cm, paperback

This book, the fourth among the series of Am I not a Human, deals with the suffering of the Palestinian prisoners under the Israeli occupation, where statistics reveal that since 1967 around 25% of the Palestinian population has been detained.

This detention process involves various humiliation dimensions, violaitng international conventions and basic humanitarian conduct, in addition to the treaties and laws. All this is presented in this book, with special focus on the statistics and documented description on the sufferings and human rights violations.

This series is a rich interactive documentation of the Palestinian suffering under the Israeli occupation. It focuses on the Israeli violations of the Palestinians’ basic human rights. This series is also distinguished with academic, well documented, comprehensive, concise, and graphically-supported, It is published (& ongoing publication) in both Arabic and English Languages.