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This report provides facts and figures about the economic losses of Gaza Strip on different industrial, agricultural, trade and tourism levels. It also discusses the issues of poverty and unemployment and their implications on the situation in Gaza.

Additionally, it explains the impact of closing Gaza crossings and banning the entrance of different materials vital to the Palestinians living in the Strip. Furthermore, it discusses the educational situation in the light of the siege and the different aspects of Israeli aggression against Gaza Strip.

This report is available fully for free download on al-Zaytouna Centre’s Arabic Website. ( Download)

The Information Report series was launched by the Information Department of al-Zaytouna Centre in early 2008. It aims at providing periodical, informative, concise and well-documented information set on selected issues of concern on the Arab and Muslim World, specifically the Palestinian issue.



TitleMu‘anat Qita‘ Gaza tahta al-’Ihtilal al-Israeli (The Suffering of Gaza Strip under the Israeli Siege)

Editor: Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh

Managing Editor: Rabi‘ al-Dannan

Published in: 2008 (1st edition)/ 2009 (2nd edition, updated)

Physical details: 49 pages, 14*21 cm, paperback

Price : 2 $