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The Palestinian Strategic Report 2009/2010 is the fifth in the series of annual reports issued by al-Zaytouna Centre. It is now considered an essential reference among the Palestinian studies’ references. The Report discusses the annual developments in the Palestinian issue in a comprehensive, scientific and objective manner. It offers the reader the latest information accompanied with precise up-to-date statistics, within an analytical reading and in a futuristic approach.

In 2009, the steadfastness of the Palestinian resistance in confronting the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip (27/12/2008–18/1/2009), gave the Palestinian people a big morale boost. It also encouraged the resumption of the national Palestinian reconciliation talks. Alas, the glow of this steadfastness was soon absorbed by the Palestinian-Arab-international environment incapable of investing in it. This happened at a time while the siege continued, alongside with the destruction of war. Hence, the wounds of Gazans were left to bleed and rot.

Despite the long rounds of national dialogue, and the intensive Egyptian efforts, during 2009, to reach national reconciliation, and despite the fact that this dialogue has gone a long way on its five various tracks connected to national reconciliation, security, PLO, caretaker government and the elections; the year 2009 ended without signing an agreement.

The year 2010 began with the national Palestinian efforts still suffering from rifts and schisms. It suffers also expired or partial legitimacies of the representative and leading Palestinian organizations, in addition to the contradictory work of the conflicting parties that usually leads to a zero summation, if not a negative one. The Palestinian political track is still lost between the choices of a peace settlement and military resistance, and on how to handle the relations with Israel, the Arabs and the international community. The Palestinian decision-making process is still suffering from the negative foreign interference, that can’t be overcome except by placing the higher national interests and priorities of the Palestinian people ahead of any external pressure.

The year 2009 and also 2010, haven’t achieved any substantial development whether on the level of reconciliation, unity or any Palestinian national accomplishments. Whereas the Israelis succeeded in eluding the peace settlement requirements and American pressure. Israel has continued its dangerous and active agenda of Judaizing Jerusalem, expanding settlements and imposing facts on the ground. While the impotence of the official Palestinian, Arab and Islamic leadership in addition to the international community have tempted Israel to go unrestricted in its siege, aggression and Judaization.
Fourteen professors and researchers specialized in the Palestinian studies have contributed to this Report. It discusses in eight chapters the internal Palestinian conditions, the Israeli-Palestinian scene and its intricacies, the Palestinian issue from an Arab, Islamic, and international perspectives, the Palestinian demographic and economic conditions, in addition to shedding light on Jerusalem, the holy sites and the suffering of land and man under the Israeli occupation.

It is noteworthy to mention that this English version is issued as The Palestinian Strategic Report 2009/2010, although the original Arabic version did not include in its title the year 2010. It must be explained that this Report covers parts of the events of 2010 and that some more information and details were added in this English version. However, the core of discussion and analysis was still focusing in 2009. 

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