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With the aim of encouraging scholars and promoting scholarly research on the Palestinian issue and related Arab, Islamic and international developments, as well as other topics within Al-Zaytouna Centre’s areas of interest, the Centre is glad to announce that it welcomes contributions by scholars and researchers within these topics, to be published as part of its academic production.

The Centre welcomes the following types of works: opinion and analysis, policy papers/strategic assessments, research papers, and book reviews.

Al-Zaytouna Policies on Academic Contribution

Types of accepted works:

1. Research Papers & Studies (Above 4,000 words).

2. Policy Papers/Strategic Assessments (word count limit: 1,500).

3. Opinion and Analysis (word count limit: 1,500).

4. Book Reviews (word count limit: 1,500).


I. All works submitted for publication should meet the following:

   1. General academic standards for research and referencing.

That the work has NOT been published by any other medium.

   3. The research topic is within the Centre’s areas of interest, which include:

      a. Different aspects of the Palestinian issue, including the Palestinian internal situation, land, people, resistance, peace process, the Israeli scene and policies…etc.

      b. The strategic policies and major actors affecting the Palestinian issue in the Arab, Islamic and international arena.

      c. Other issues and developments related to the Arab and Muslim world (esp. Middle East), according to Centre’s priorities.

II. The Centre has the sole right to accept or reject publishing the submitted work.  The Centre also has the right to perform any necessary editorial work, and/or to request making changes prior to publishing the work. And it is not obliged to publish any work that does not meet the requested changes.

III. The Centre makes no commitment to remunerate the author(s) for their published work, financially or otherwise, unless otherwise stated when the submitted work is approved for publishing. In all cases, the Centre has the sole right to determine the appropriate amount for such remuneration, and the author(s) has only the right to accept or reject the offer made by the Centre.

Submission of works:

1. The author wishing to submit his contribution for publishing shall do so using the designated form on Al-Zaytouna Website.

2. Upon submitting a contribution for the first time, the author is required to attach his updated C.V.

3. When uploading a contribution, the author should agree to terms and conditions (owning copyrights of the submitted work, authorizing publication, stating that the work has not been already published by other means, the Centre is not liable for any misuse or error in the provided data, etc…).

4. The author shall expect an initial response within one week of submitting the work. However, the reviewing process upon which the final decision is made, may take up to six weeks.

5. For follow-up mailings related to submitted contributions, kindly contact us on [email protected]

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies & Consultations, 19/5/2014