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The Jerusalem Cultural Forum held the First Conference of the Diploma of al-Quds Studies, in collaboration with the Applied Science Private University, on 5/8/2023, at the Conference Palace of the University in Amman. Al-Zaytouna Centre General Manager Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammed Saleh, who is also the head of the Academic Board of the Diploma delivered a speech at the opening ceremony and chaired the first main session of the conference. At the end of the conference, he delivered the closing conference speech, including recommendations.

In his opening speech, Saleh praised the First Conference of the Diploma of al-Quds Studies, for its serious academic content, featuring a distinguished group of experts and promising researchers.

He also congratulated the first cohort of students who graduated with the Diploma of al-Quds Studies (Dr. Is’haaq al-Farhan Diploma), and praised the efforts of the Jerusalem Cultural Forum team and the diploma teaching staff. He emphasized that the diploma studies are systematic, objective and deep scientific researches, overseen by a prestigious academic body.

Saleh stressed that Jerusalem studies are among the priorities of academic studies, dealing with contemporary issues, linked to the identity and heritage of the Ummah (Muslim nation), the holy land and its status, confronting Israeli occupation, its plans, crimes and threats to the Ummah and national security. These studies also preserve the Islamic identity of the homeland, people and holy sites, as well as achieving the higher interests of the Ummah.

Saleh noted that the Ummah suffers from losing direction, scattering interests and downplaying major issues. He observed a significant and widespread preoccupation with trivial matters of no value, followed by millions, while major issues receive minimal attention. He pointed, for example, to the book by the Canadian philosopher Alain Deneault, “Mediocracy,” who explains how the society as a whole is confined to triviality, rewarding mediocrity and triviality instead of committed serious work.

In conclusion, Dr. Mohsen emphasized that when presenting projects related to the revival of the Ummah and civilizational progress, Jerusalem must be at the heart of concerns. He congratulated the graduates on their success and wished the Jerusalem Cultural Forum the best.

On the following day (6/8/2023), Saleh chaired a meeting of the Advisory Board of al-Quds Studies Diploma at the Forum’s headquarters, where distinguished academics and experts on Jerusalem affairs participated. The previous academic year of the diploma was reviewed, along with the curriculum, teaching methods and ways of enhancement.

Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations, 17/8/2023

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