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This book is the Arabic translation of the report presented by the Committee of Defense and Foreign affairs in the Israeli Knesset. The committee consists of selection of highly qualified military and political Israeli figures. It provides a detailed description of all the flaws and failures that faced the IDF in its second war on Lebanon in Summer 2006.

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Title: Durus Mustakhlasah min Harb Lubnan (Tammuz 2006): Taqrir Lajnat al-Kharijiyah wa al-’Amn fi al-Knesset al-Israeli (Lessons Derived from the Second War on Lebanon (July 2006): Report of the Committee of Security and Foreign Affairs in the Israeli Knesset (Issued in December 2007))
Editor: Adnan Abu Amer
Published in: 2009 (1st edition)
Physical details: 176 pages, 17*24 cm, paperback
 Price: 6$



The report explains the repercussions of the Israeli military failure on the principle of Israeli deterrence. It gives the necessary recommendations for facing and overcoming such defects. The committee consists of a selection of a highly qualified military and political Israeli figures.