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At a time when Jerusalem is facing a critical stage under the fierce Israeli Judaization campaigns targeting its architecture, religious and cultural identity, population, and land; this book becomes an essential reference in establishing for the efforts to protect and save this city and its cultural heritage.

It is a mass 637-pages edited-volume, considering the various aspects of the cutltural heritage of Jerusalem;  released in accordance with the declaration of Jerusalem (al-Quds) capital of the Arab culture for the year 2009.

Publication Info

Title: Dirasat fi al-Turath al-Thaqafi li-Madinat al-Quds (Studies on the Cultural Heritage of Jerusalem)
Editor: Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh

Contributing Authors:
Dr. Ibrahim Abu Jabir
Ibrahim Abdul-Kareem
Dr. Badi’ Al-‘Abed
Dr. Riyad Yaseen
Dr. Sami Al-Salahat
Dr. Salamah Al-Hirfi Al-Balwi
Dr. Abdul-Jabbar Sa’eed
Abdullah Kin’an
Fadi Shamiyyah
Dr. Mohammad Akram Al-‘Adlouni
Dr. Mohammad ‘Amara
Dr. Mohammad Issa Salhiyyeh
Mahmoud ‘Awwad
Dr. Najeh Bkeirat

Published in: 2010 (1st Edition) 

Price: 18$


 The list of contributing authors includes: Dr. Ibrahim Abu Jabir, Ibrahim Abdul-Kareem, Dr. Badi’ Al-‘Abed, Dr. Riyad Yaseen, Dr. Sami Al-Salahat, Dr. Salamah Al-Hirfi Al-Balwi, Dr. Abdul-Jabbar Sa’eed, Abdullah Kin’an, Fadi Shamiyyah, Dr. Mohammad Akram Al-‘Adlouni, Dr. Mohammad ‘Amara, Dr. Mohammad Issa Salhiyyeh, Mahmoud ‘Awwad, and Dr. Najeh Bkeirat; who wrote on the heritage, history, architecture, religious heritage and identity, education and culture, and status of the city; in addition to legal and international aspects.

The book focuses on the civlizational aspect of the city, besides its centrality to the Islamic and christian religions, essentially with its religious sites and heritage. It also sheds light on the position of international law towards this heritage, and the responsibility to protect it against the Israeli Occupation’s attempts to Judaize the city.

It also proves, through authentic historical academic approach, the falsehood of the Israeli claims about the city, and about the claimed Jewishness of its historic or cultural identity.