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AlJazeera Center for Studies issued the 20th title of its Papers Series, entitled “The Lost Course of the Palestinian Statehood” ][Arabic, Al-Masar Al-Ta’eh li al-Dawlah al-Filastiniyyah] by Mohsen Moh’d Saleh.

The author, General Manager of Al-Zayotuna Centre for Studies and Consultations in Beirut, argues that the Palestinian State is still a dream far from reality not because of unpreparedness on behalf of the international and Israeli concerned parties and conditions, but because the idea as a Palestinian project has came to decay itself.

Biased interests and power struggles have been dominating the scenario of building the Palestinian state, rather than reasons of justice and common Palestinian national interest.

Not denying that the Palestinian people have proved a unique ability of endurance and resistance to various Occupation’s suppression, hardships and aggressions; the requirements of independence from the Israeli Occupation and freedom are still beyond its reach, in light of the support given to Israel by the world’s major powers. Major signs of decay in the Palestinian Statehood project include:

Publication info:Title: The Lost Course of the Palestinian Statehood (Al-Masar Al-Ta’eh li al-Dawlah al-Filastiniyyah)

Author: Mohsen Moh’d Saleh

Publisher: AlJazeera Center for Studies and Arab Scientific Publishers

Physical info: 127 pages, paperback


– Arab and Islamic weakness and disunity, including the absence of a common stance or vision towards the Palestinian issue and a concrete strategy of support in various political, financial and resources’ forms. The Palestinians thus have been standing almost alone in facing the Occupation.

– Egypt’s signing of Camp David peace treaty with the Israeli Occupation, thus the possibility of having a new war against Israel has diminished for Egypt being the largest Arab country adjacing Palestine.

– The affection of some Palestinian decision makers with Realist Pragmatism.

– The dissolution of the Soviet Union, end of bipolarity, and the American hegemony on the world, added to the increasing influence of evangelists in the American decision-making process.

– The Palestinian internal strife and failure to arrange the internal Palestinian house, in addition to the external interference in the Palestinian decision-making.

– The catastrophic consequences of Oslo accords, which mortgaged the Palestinian issue in the hands of the Israeli Occupation and America

– The international dealing with Israel as a state above law, especially from major powers.

 All these factors made the author conclude that the two-state solution has entered –or shall be entering in short- a stage of “clinical death”; thus leaving the question of “will the one-state solution be the alternative?” or “will the alternative be the return of armed struggle?” or is it a combination of the two?

Source: AlJazeera Center for Studies, 4/1/2011
(Arabic, Translated and slightly modified by Al-Zaytouna Centre’s Website)