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For four consecutive years, Al-Zaytouna Centre for Studies and Consultations has been keen on producing the annual Palestinian Strategic Report. This report, that is prepared by a select of distinguished experts, is considered among the finest references in the field of Palestinian studies, because of its highly academic content that includes the most recent statistical data and is supported with charts and figures.
The Palestinian Strategic Report 2008 is now available fully for free download:

>> First Pages (Table of Contents, List of Tables, List of Figures, List of Contributors, List of Abbreviations, and Introduction)
     Download the first Pages  (22 pages, 190 KB)

>> Chapter One: The Internal Palestinian Scene: The Missing Compass and the Partial Legitimacies
     Download Chapter One  (57 pages, 346 KB)

>> Chapter Two: The Israeli – Palestinian Scene
     Download Chapter Two  (57 pages, 854 KB)

>> Chapter Three: The Palestinian Issue and the Arab World
     Download Chapter Three  (46 pages, 359 KB)

>> Chapter Four: The Palestinian Issue and the Muslim World
     Download Chapter Four  (36 pages, 350 KB)

>> Chapter Five: The Palestinian Issue and the International Situation
     Download Chapter Five  (35 pages, 264 KB)

>> Chapter Six: The Land and the Holy Sites
     Download Chapter Six  (42 pages, 739 KB)

>> Chapter Seven: The Palestinian Demographic Indicators
     Download Chapter Seven  (38 pages, 566 KB)

>> Chapter Eight: The Economic Indicators in the WB and GS
     Download Chapter Eight  (39 pages, 675 KB)

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